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Currently in Doha, Qatar (Yes, in the Middle East).

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Often referred to as a “encyclopedia”. Do not hesitate to throw me in a brainstorm and hope to mine nuggets of information.

You wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, go make some breakfast and then you’re off to work, school, or whatever activity you’re doing. We do these things, rarely sitting down to think what propels us to go day after day, completing task after task. Why do you brush your teeth? Because it’s hygienic. Why do you eat breakfast? Because you’re hungry in the morning. You get the idea. There is something which gives you motivation to act towards a goal. There are many different theories which strive to explain what exactly motivates us. Food and water are certainly powerful motivators but can we argue that they are the most powerful ones?

And I didn’t want to drink at some point, right? (at Chelsea Gardens Hotel Apartment @ Discovery Gardens)

Did you change your #GMail password today? 

The new #iPhone… Tick took!

47SOUL is the futuristic sound of a Palestinian wedding; true party music for the masses.

47 SOUL was founded when four inspiring young Palestinian musicians from different regions joined forces: El Far3i (Singer, Darbouka/percussion), Z The People (Singer, Keys, Electronics), Walaa Sbeit (Singer, Percussion) and El Jihaz (Singer, Guitar, Electronics). Their mission is to invade the world with the futuristic sound of Dabke.