One tough act to follow, a travelling nomad, denying to admit alcoholic, into rock music, post-apocalypse movies, fun times and interesting talks! Into geeks, hot-faces and fun.

Currently in Doha, Qatar (Yes, in the Middle East).

I’m a

Often referred to as a “encyclopedia”. Do not hesitate to throw me in a brainstorm and hope to mine nuggets of information.

47SOUL is the futuristic sound of a Palestinian wedding; true party music for the masses.

47 SOUL was founded when four inspiring young Palestinian musicians from different regions joined forces: El Far3i (Singer, Darbouka/percussion), Z The People (Singer, Keys, Electronics), Walaa Sbeit (Singer, Percussion) and El Jihaz (Singer, Guitar, Electronics). Their mission is to invade the world with the futuristic sound of Dabke.

Take me out?

At work for 17 hours.

My foot against the world. (at Leo Burnett Qatar)

And until a human being understands me; I’m single and it’s better for my health, and everyone else’s.

I have been misunderstood many times for my life that I think I don’t belong to this planet. I talk a lot, pretty good at explaining myself. I don’t ask too much; an ideal night in my world is a 2-seater couch, some cheese cubes and probably pizza, some hugs and a boring movie on TV talking about the end of this world.

I like to drink, dance, party and cuddle all night. I’ve been told I’m pretty when I smile, I’m bald so I can’t grow much hair and I’m in a phase where I don’t lose or gain weight, I’m tall and often too tall.

I live an expensive lifestyle, I’d rather buy a gadget and not eat for a week. Mothers love me, I appreciate them being the best strategists god has even created. I don’t like kids, but they love me (because I’m a big kid deep down inside), I care… too much. I’m easy to please.

I’m 29 years old but I can be 12 too. I smoke Shisha, substances, drink hard, love junk food, look good in shorts, shirts, flipflops and costumes. I’m pushy and I like to imitate accents (however I sound Italian all the time), I’m born racist which is not cool from a Caucasian yet I have friends from races and I don’t really mean it.

I’m used to being addressed as a celebrity (not because ego boosts are amazing, but because getting the looks as a disabled kid was what I got used to since I was born).

I’m not fat, just a bit over-puffy. I like shopping and I splurge too. I wanted to be called Constantine but my parents decided I should be named after a prophet. Which I’m not, and thanks if you read all of this blabber, most people don’t.